Tip 3: The role of a builder

The Builder’s Role

I had a misconception of the role of a builder, I thought they just did the actual carpentry and building work on the tools.

What does a builder do?

Builder’s are the project manager’s on the job. Many builders today do not do actual building work themselves. Builders or building contractors:

  • manage and coordinate home building or renovation projects
  • manage the purchase and delivery of materials
  • coordinate the work of tradespeople such as plumbers, painters and carpenters involved in the project.

Western Area Building Difference

Damian Batten, our licenced builder has a very hands on approach with our business and is across all the jobs we do. If a job is done by our own team or subbies he ensures that the standard of work is high. Damian is on the tools most days of the week and personally quotes all our jobs himself.

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