Tip 4: Check your Builder’s Home Building Compensation (HBC) Cover

HBC is required where work is worth more than $20,000 (labour and materials). The builder or tradesperson must give you evidence of HBC cover before they start on your project or you pay them any money.

Why is it important to check the validity of your HBC cover?

If you’re building or renovating a home, you must have home building compensation (HBC) cover for works costing over $20,000 (including GST).

This cover protects you as a last resort if your builder or tradesperson is unable to complete or fix residential building work. You can make a claim if your builder has died, disappeared, becomes insolvent, or had their licence suspended for failing to compensate a home owner.

Without a valid certificate, building works on your home will not be covered.

Who should use the HBC Check?

The HBC Check may be used by anyone with an interest in a home or involved in work on a home, either planned, in progress or completed. Works can consist of new construction, renovations, additions or repairs.

Examples of people with an interest in a property include:

  • homeowners
  • prospective buyers of a home
  • sellers preparing for a sale
  • local government or private certifiers
  • lending institutions that have financed work on a home
  • conveyancers, real estate agents or solicitors
  • body corporates

Using the online register

The HBC Check allows you to check whether work done at a particular address is covered by the scheme. All you need to do is enter the address of the property.

You can also check the validity of your cover by taking the following steps:

Step 1 – Input the Certificate Number into the certificate search bar. Click the search button.

Step 2 – Check that the details on the certificate match the details profiled on screen including:

  • certificate date
  • certificate number
  • name of your contractor (builder)
  • type of building works
  • address of building works (i.e. Your Address)

Be sure to also check the following:

  • name of contractor (builder) is the same as the name of the contractor on the building/works contract.
  • issue date of the certificate is before any deposit was paid for residential building work.

If the HBC Check results and the proof of cover from your builder don’t match, or you can’t find your property on the HBC Check, try to clarify the information with the individual contractor or organisation, or the person who signed the contract (generally the director of the company or a nominated person in the company).

If the clarifying information you received still isn’t a match and you’d like us to investigate further, please email hbccheck@sira.nsw.gov.au.


Retrieved 13/11/18 from: http://www.sira.nsw.gov.au/claiming-compensation/home-building-compensation-claims



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