2019 Dulux Colour Forecast

Are you planning a renovation or restyle?

Here’s some colour inspiration for you.

There are some beautiful palates in the 2019 forecast

Huge influence again from nature and other cultures

Focus on relaxing and wellbeing

I’m loving the richness, contrast and warmth in some palates, strong use of colour as a principle of design

What’s your favourite colour story?

My pick is repair. Beautiful greens and earthy tones, just divine.

Repair palate

Tip 3: The role of a builder

The Builder’s Role

I had a misconception of the role of a builder, I thought they just did the actual carpentry and building work on the tools.

What does a builder do?

Builder’s are the project manager’s on the job. Many builders today do not do actual building work themselves. Builders or building contractors:

  • manage and coordinate home building or renovation projects
  • manage the purchase and delivery of materials
  • coordinate the work of tradespeople such as plumbers, painters and carpenters involved in the project.

Western Area Building Difference

Damian Batten, our licenced builder has a very hands on approach with our business and is across all the jobs we do. If a job is done by our own team or subbies he ensures that the standard of work is high. Damian is on the tools most days of the week and personally quotes all our jobs himself.

Tip 2: Before you contact your builder

Brainstorm your project

It is important that you have a clear idea of what it is your trying to achieve with your project. What are your goals? Do you want to sell your property, make it more functional or restyle for a modern look?

Have an idea of how much you want to spend, an indicative budget is helpful, we are honest and will be able to tell you if your budget will go near the project you have in mind before doing a detailed quote. We can work with you to achieve the best outcome for your spend.

Develop job brief

No matter how small the project you should write a job brief. This can be anything from a few dot points to several pages and will help you clarify exactly what you want done.

The job brief should:

  • be as specific as possible
  • Include your property address, contact details including email address to send the quote
  • list the brand names and models of all fittings, tiles, appliances, etc that you require (this could be done as a separate project with Pip, she can help you to develop a mood and your materials and finishes palate).
  • include everything you have in mind about the job you want done
  • attached the design plans, if you have them

Why a brief is important

It is important to do this to get an accurate quote and avoid variation down the track. If you don’t specify exactly what you want in the beginning, the quote may only include the cheapest products and materials. We want to meet your expectations and quality that you expect. We have developed a brief template that we can help you complete if you are not confident or just want us to help fill it in for you.

Non building example of why it is crucial, I know a certain bride (Claire Stalley) who told a florist she wanted pretty flowers, now I can tell you that pretty is not the same for any two people. The Maid of Honor (me, Pip Stalley) almost had a heartache envisioning a bunch of Gerberas!!! From then on, together we wrote a job brief for each section of the wedding.

Phew not a Gerbera in sight!

My apologies if you like Gerberas.

Tip 1: How to check a tradie’s licence

Since being involved in the construction industry, I have seen and heard some shocking stories about dodgy work. This is my number one tip for anyone looking for a tradie.

Check their licence:

  1. That it is current
  2. In their own name
  3. That it doesn’t have any restrictions

I didn’t know:

  1. A carpenter can work under another builder’s licence
  2. Their licence may only enable them to do a certain value of work
  3. Some tradies who advertise as a builder may only have a maintenance and cleaning licence

This is the link to do the check:

Feel free to give it a try and look up Damian Batten.